Octopus CJ Damien Hobgood Signature Tail Pad
Hobgood - Hybrid Grip
Octopus Hobgood Hybrid Grip | CORDUROY GRIP™ Traction Pad Black Detailed
Damien Hobgood set with signature grip
Damien Hobgood set up with signature grip

Hobgood - Hybrid Grip

Octopus Hobgood - Hybrid Grip

12.2" x 11.9"

Two-piece Hybrid Grip with welded seams

No arch / 50º tail kick / 25mm tall

Slightly wider outline for boards with wider tail blocks

Welded Corduroy Grip™ to Octo Groove improves board feel for better foot placement.

Upper Corduroy Grip™ reduces knee rash for summer days